Immunisation in Far North Queensland

Health Reimagined works with relevant stakeholders to lower our community's risk of acquiring a vaccine-preventable disease or cancer by improving immunisation rates in our region. The objectives of this work include:

  • increasing awareness and importance of immunisation in our community, helping build strong public belief and confidence in vaccination;
  • supporting and working with all immunisation providers and services in Far North Queensland to increase immunisation coverage rates and fill service gaps by:
  • facilitating collaboration between all immunisation providers, services and networks
  • organising and facilitating Immunisation Specific Education.

For the general public

For Health professionals

Immunisation Contacts & Services

A full range of immunisation contacts for Queensland and Australia can be found here
In Queensland immunisation records are administered by two systems. VIVAS (Vaccination Information and Vaccination Administration System) and ACIR (Australian Childhood Immunisation Register).

  • ACIR provides an accurate measure of the immunisation coverage of children in Australia under 7 and provides an effective management tool for monitoring immunisation coverage and service delivery.
  • VIVAS is administered by Queensland Health and records all childhood and some adult vaccinations given in Queensland. VIVAS also monitors the distribution and use of vaccines throughout Queensland.
  • ACIR forms Immunisation history, Immunisation encounter form, immunisation exemption forms.
  • All vaccines administered to children less than seven years of age should be notified to the ACIR, in order to maintain a complete immunisation history for the child. Any catch-up vaccinations for children under 10, vaccines given to eligible school aged children, all refugee immunisations, Rabies vaccinations, Japanese Encephalitis (JE) and 23vPCV (Pneumovax 23) vaccinations for Indigenous adults should be sent to VIVAS.
  • Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFI) must be notified.