HealthE Platform

HealthE Platform was developed in order to streamline the administration management of Health & Wellbeing Programs delivered by Health Reimagined. Developed in 2015, by Health Reimagined, HealthE Platform provides a streamlined connection and central database which can be accessed remotely. The cloud based electronic platform enables processing of the patient referral from receipt of referral through to triage and allocation creating a central processing point.

HealthE Platform has been developed with program efficiency in mind. The time saving features, modern look, in built collaboration tools and the ability to access the system from anywhere will assist your organisation to create and communicate faster. The platform was designed and developed specifically to increase efficiency of management, facilitation and delivery of the ATAPS Program. HealthE Platform is a proven platform with an extremely high operating success rate.

The HealthE Platform is now available for your organisation to ensure speed and efficiency for all stakeholders. This includes reduced time spent printing, tracking, processing, approval management and audit management.

HealthE Platform Features
  • captures all client details
  • electronic triaging
  • capability to upload documents & enter general notes
  • automated email notifications at all stages of requests
  • increased document & security control
  • electronic referral, invoicing & audit trail
  • tracks number of sessions provided
  • allocation of sessions from invoices to clients automatically
  • electronic processing of referrals
  • customised dashboard for quick view of approved & outstanding forms
  • reporting analysis and dashboards to absorb data & information visually
  • increased efficiency
  • contractor reporting
  • contractor management
  • automated invoicing